Deep tissue massage is “the understanding of the layers of the body, and the ability to work with tissue in these layers to relax, lengthen, and release holding patterns in the most effective and energy efficient way possible.”

— Art Riggs, author of Deep Tissue Massage: A Visual Guide to Techniques




Our Clinic

Our clinic, located at 503 12th Ave. East Seattle, WA. 98102, at the corner of 12th and Republican, is in a four-story home on Capitol Hill. There is parking on the street and we are well served by public transportation. Entrance to the clinic is on Republican.


Medical Massage Treatments

A medical massage clinic on Seattle's Capitol Hill

At Lanz Medical Massage, we specialize in therapeutic massage, which provides pain relief. We provide treatment plans for our clients with injuries or pain caused by:

  • Sports accidents
  • On-the-job repetitive injuries
  • Auto accidents and injuries
  • Surgeries
  • Pregnancy

Our licensed massage practitioners are providers for most insurance companies. When needed we consult with MD’s, ND’s and DC’s to ensure that you have an appropriate prescription and accurate diagnosis.

Available treatments include:

Swedish massage incorporates multiple massage strokes that facilitate an increase in circulation, a decrease in pain and an increase in mobility.  Benefits and outcomes are variable such as a reduction in blood pressures, decrease in stress relief, an increase in body awareness.

Lymphatic drainage techniques provide gentle and effective movement of lymphatic fluids found in sites of swelling.  These techniques may be applied to reduce pain and swelling of acute injury sites. In addition, they access the parasympathetic response in each of our bodies. This work typically results in a decreased heart rate and a reduction in blood pressure, as well as pain relief and an increased experience of relaxation.

Massage and mobilization of the viscera (known as the abdominal contents) is vital to healthy organ function. Massage specifically targeting this area positively affects the health and well-being of the entire body.  Many painful conditions including back and neck pain arise from adhesions in the muscles and fascia of the abdomen and organ structures.  Visceral work is helpful with resolving constipation issues as well as the easing menstrual cramps.  The techniques used by the therapist are firm and gentle, yet profound.  Treatment can be administered through light layer of cloth so you need not feel self-conscious.

Neuro-Muscular and Trigger Point Therapy is intended to facilitate pain reduction, enhance muscle function,  and ease movement through the reduction of adhesions, muscle tension and deactivation of Trigger Points.  Trigger Points are the points tender to digital pressure that “trigger” the neuromuscular pain along common patterns. Massage depth and pressure varies based on the depth of body and muscle structures being treated and the pressure needed to access trigger responses. 

We have broadened our therapies to include Intra-oral massage to deal with a variety of dental and cranial painful conditions that we have found cause pain that many clients just endure.  Intra-oral massage can impact pain related to sleep apnea and snoring issues, sinus pressure related issues, headaches and migraines, pressure-related ear issues and dental problems. Gloves are used at all times when entering the mouth and always hands are re-gloved as needed