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Billing and marketing consultation workshops are available upon request. Please email or call Loretta at 206-288-9911 for more information.

Body Sense Products

At Lanz Medical Massage, we use Body Sense products for hot and cold therapeutic use.  These products are available to purchase for personal use at Lanz Medical Massage. Email Loretta directly or call Loretta at 206-288-9911.

For more information on Body Sense products please contact them.





About Lanz Medical Massage

A medical massage clinic on Seattle's Capitol Hill

Lanz Medical Massage was founded by Loretta Lanz, a Registered Nurse specializing in Rehabilitation, who later became a licensed massage practitioner.  As the clinic grew, she brought on other licensed massage practitioners.  Loretta is committed to providing you with skilled and experienced practitioners who specialize in rehabilitation massage.

The Lanz Family

Loretta comes from a very talented family. Her mother is a singer and pianist, and her brothers, David Lanz and Gary Lanz, are also very talented musicians. Her father, Howard Lanz, is owner and cosmetic chemist of Lanz International Laboratories, a private label manufacturer, specializing in custom formulations for skin and Hair. Her other brother Ladd Lanz, production manager, has worked for 25 years with Howard in research and development. They are currently developing a new all natural line of skin and hair care product to be launched in the spring of 2012.

Lanz Miracle Creme

Lanz Miracle Creme face lotion is a new product developed by Howard Lanz. Its miracle properties help to regenerate damaged skin on the face and neck.  Loretta’s personal story with Lanz Miracle Crème started with her cancer treatment in 2005. She developed radiation burns on her neck from the treatment. Using Lanz Miracle Creme, she healed without any scarring.

This is available to purchase for personal use at Lanz Medical Massage.

For more information on how to purchase other products contact Howard and Ladd Lanz.

David Lanz

David Lanz is a Grammy-nominated musician and artist whose music is known around the world. This music is available for purchase for personal use at Lanz Medical Massage. For more information about David or to purchase his music, please visit his website.